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The health care system in Lesotho, like many of our sub-Saharan neighbors, is currently facing incredible challenges. With a population of roughly two million, a devastatingly high HIV prevalence rate of 24%1, and a severe shortage of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, it is ever more difficult to deliver quality health services. At present, the number of physicians per capita in Lesotho is only one-third of that reported in most other sub-Saharan countries, with information from the Lesotho Medical Council suggesting that there is just one physician for every 17,000 people. There are too few physicians and nurses in order to serve the wide range of seriously ill patients requiring care.

This website is here to offer the means by which all those involved in the health care system can be active in this transformation through communication, dedication, and education. There is work to be done by everyone, so please continue to refer to this resource to stay updated on news, workshops, classes, programs as well as other opportunities for growth and success.

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1.  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) [Lesotho], Bureau of Statistics (BOS) [Lesotho], and ORC Macro. 2005. Lesotho Demographic and Health Survey 2004. Calverton, Maryland: MOHSW, BOS, and ORC Macro.

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